Our Customers Share With Us Their #SevenlyStories

Posted by Sevenly on Jul 11, 2014 10:02:19 PM

Last month for our birthday, we wanted to give back to our customers and bless them for all the support and love they have given us for the last three years.

So, we partnered with Artifact Uprising to create an 11 card set pairing our art with their photography.

With the launch of these cards, we invited our customers to share their inspiration, write a note, send a hello, and pass it on with the hashtag "Sevenly Stories."

We thought we would compile just some of the amazing posts we have discovered on Instagram. If you have any of our collaboration cards, please # and join us in sharing your #SevenlyStories.

"if there is one thing I have learned in full time ministry it's this, PEOPLE MATTER....more than everything but the One that created them. #sevenly"

"Just got some great stuff in the mail. Some mini yarn skeins from @kimsmithhappy's shop @aushopuk and tank from @sevenly that supports #gabrielhouse in Mexico, some @puravidabracelets and the cards from #sevenly and @artifactuprising's collaboration. Awesome. #yarnaddict #knitting #crochet"

"Some words of wisdom from @sevenly that I needed today. Funny how things arrive at the right time... #sevenly #positivity #optimism"

"Some prints from @sevenly that came with my new shirt today! Such a fun company with an amazing heart. #sevenly #peoplematter #art"

"1 Corinthians 10:23 & 31 "Everything is permissible but not everything is helpful. Everything is permissible but not everything builds up. No one should seek his own good, but the good of others." "Whatever you do, do everything for God's glory." Just because something isn't unlawful doesn't mean we should do it. We must be aware that what may be okay for us could possibly cause others to stumble. We must not think of ourselves but of others before we act. We are all in this together! As Christians others come before us. Most importantly, whatever we do, we should do to glorify our Heavenly Father. In our thoughts, our actions and our words. emoji️ #corinthians #coffeeandjesus #godsglory #weareinthistogether #sevenly #artifactuprising #icantbelieveimupbeforethesuncameup"

"A gift from the dean of sciences! #sevenly #peoplematter"

"With my new shirt comes a little inspiration. #sevenly"

"Beautiful quote cards from @sevenly! Love them (: #sevenly #quote #charity #followfor1follow"

"Got my #sevenly shirts in today! :D there is another but this pic looked the best. These are for healing water... A charity that helps families send their kids with autism to a surf camp 100% free of charge #charity #sevenly #cloths #fashion #autism #autismawareness #healingwaters #donate"

"Got these awesome postcards with my #sevenly purchase last week. So to #giveback and spread the #positive vibes I'm gonna try something. Comment this page, or dm me either your address, or an address of someone you feel could use a positive message and I will mail one out to you/them. Who doesn't love to receive mail? And who wouldn't love a little postcard letting someone know they are worth it? #dontgiveup #yougotthis #sendmoremail"

"Ask and you shall receive! New nic nacs for the office! #sevenly"

"Oh what you can do with some ribbon and thumbtacks! Now I have somewhere to put my postcards from @coliegirl0228 and the amazing @artifactuprising x @sevenly collab prints set! Now to finish the second broad. #Sevenly #ArtifactUprising #Prints #Awesome #Postcards #PeopleMatter #GiveLove"

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