Sevenly "Behind The Art" - Sr. Artist Nathan Yoder Explains His Vision For This Week's Designs

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 28, 2014 10:18:39 AM

One of the best parts about having our artists in house and on hand is that we can watch them evolve their art and sit down with them and listen to what truly inspires their weekly creations.

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Sevenly's Staff Explores, "What If We Couldn't Capture A Memory?"

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 21, 2014 9:21:04 AM

Photos are memories of the places, people and moments that mean the most to us. Fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld once said "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

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A Picture Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 21, 2014 5:57:28 AM

There can be nothing more exhilarating or more fulfilling than realizing that you will be bringing a child into the world. Every sonogram is a precious tribute, every kick a wonderful miracle. You glow and bask in the light of new life, imagining the day that you will finally feel your child’s first drawn breath and see your child’s eyes inquisitively squint open.

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Sevenly Buyer, Nick, Goes All Out For The Kids & Change!

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 16, 2014 8:55:57 PM

"I shaved my head because it's an easy thing for me to do to show support for kids going through chemo; a way for me to say keep your head up and stay strong."

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Have You Ever Heard Of A Shave-A-Thon? St. Baldrick's Kids Have!

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 14, 2014 9:17:33 AM

What drives you to go get your haircut? Is it shaggy ends? Split ends? Routine? A new do for a new you? Everyone has the fine line between acceptable hair and hair that just needs cut. But what if the reason behind cutting your hair had nothing to do with you? Through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s head-shaving program, your haircut could help save the life of a young child with cancer.

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5 Coachella Bands That Are Changing The World

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 9, 2014 9:56:24 PM

Imagine a stream of cars driving into the desert. They are painted, stuffed full of people, and creating a dusty trail of excited anticipatory energy. As you get closer a Ferris wheel comes into view, then clusters of tents and campers. People move slowly as they enter the venue, swaying to music coming from multiple directions and the comatose heat of the valley. And that is when you have to decide. How will you pick between the amazing lineup of bands and DJs playing music all day and well into the night?

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Creating a New Home from a Broken Heart - The Sheepfold

Posted by Sevenly on Apr 7, 2014 10:06:30 AM

Home is where the heart is. It is where we go to feel safe, loved and comfortable. But what happens when home becomes a place where someone we love takes these important things away? When this is happening, we become a victim of domestic abuse.

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Introducing - Sevenly's First Branded Clothing Collection

Posted by DannyBlanton on Apr 4, 2014 5:39:50 PM

My name is Danny Blanton and like anyone else in a job there has been a series of events and decisions, failures and successes that have lead me to where I am today. All these turns in my life are my story. 'Where I am today' is the Creative Director for Sevenly and I was hoping through a series of blogs over the next several weeks I'd give you (the reader) some insight of what we do and how we do it through artwork and story.

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Autism Speaks: Decoding Autism through Research and Awareness

Posted by Sevenly on Mar 31, 2014 5:56:52 AM

Hooking up a DVD player to your television typically requires three things: a television, the DVD player, and the cables that connect the two. We take for granted the fact that all the connections between the three are similarly shaped and color-coded to make it as simple as connecting red circle to red circle. You know that once you connect all the colors correctly, your picture and sound will work with no problem when you hit play.

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How Sevenly Won Mashable's "America's Most Social Small Business"

Posted by Sevenly on Mar 31, 2014 12:30:59 AM

February 16th started like any other day at Sevenly Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. Doris, our Social Media Manager, had beaten us all to work as usual. The quiet stillness of the early morning in the office is her favorite time to check in with our Twitter and Facebook family. Doris began at Sevenly as a social media intern, and has now become the voice of Sevenly throughout our social media channels. She loves our customers. In meetings, she is always the first one to stand in the gap for our customers and remind us to stay centered on our motto that "People Matter."

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