Published by Sevenly on Oct 18, 2013

More than just charity t-shirts

These are MORE than just charity t-shirts. They’re a conversation starter about how you helped give hope & healing to someone fighting depression. When you shop for a cause with Sevenly, you are raising awareness and making a difference! Buy a shirt with a story HERE!

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 18, 2013 JOB OPENINGS – Distribution Supervisor

Submit resume to with subject line “Distribution Supervisor” by end of day Monday, October 21st. MISSION: As a Distribution Supervisor, you’ll be the quarterback for small but fast-moving Distribution Team to ensure utmost attention and accuracy on all shipping and fulfillment for Sevenly orders.  You’ll channel all the leadership and organization energy you can muster into…

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 15, 2013

Symbols and Stories

In America, brands are obsessed with their symbols speaking volumes about them before you’ve even used their product. It’s what makes the difference between a perfectly good track jacket that costs $20 and a track jacket with a Nike swoosh on it. Even though you’ve never worn the jacket with the swoosh on it, you…

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 14, 2013


Teenage years should be filled with life, adventure and beauty. NOT fear, pain and depression!  That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with To Write Love On Her Arms to let teens struggling with depression know that they matter. EVERY item purchased gives $7 to help teens find hope & healing through therapy, counseling and suicide prevention….

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 9, 2013

How much is a wedding worth?

Is it just us or do weddings seem to be trying to take over the world? Between reality tv shows, wedding magazines, wedding websites, movies with or about weddings, and everything in between, it seems as if we are a culture obsessed with weddings. It’s estimated that in 2012 the average wedding had 136 guests…

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 7, 2013

NEW CAMPAIGN: Sevenly + Girl Up!

Every day, young girls are taken advantage of and put through harmful, dangerous and horrific circumstances. Girls who are not given the opportunity to get an education are sent down a road leading to sex-trafficking, forced and early marriage or sexual abuse. Way too often, women are married off and raped because they are perceived…

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Published by Sevenly on Oct 2, 2013

Man’s Best Friend

Let’s face it, being sick is never fun. Ok, maybe when you have your tonsils out and you get to eat a ton of ice cream, that part is fun, but there’s also a lot of pain that happens during that time, and it’s really not an even trade off. We’re talking about the kind…

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Published by Sevenly on Sep 30, 2013

NEW CAMPAIGN: Sevenly + The Humane Society

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how precious their friendship is. For many people, pets are like children…. loyal family members for years on end. This week, we’re rescuing “man’s best friend” from cruel puppy mills and dog fighting rings. There’s NO excuse for animal abuse! Please Help! Watch the Sevenly cause video for the…

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