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Published by Sevenly on Aug 12, 2011

Sevenly is Looking for a New Employee

Ever wanted to work for a growing social good company? Ever wanted to live in Southern California, 30 minutes from the Pacific Ocean? Ever wanted to work with a team of awesome world changing leaders?

Sevenly is looking for a new User Interface/User Experience Web Designer

This job is open to US candidates only. The position is on location full-time in Corona California about 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles.

Position will include interface design and coding for Sevenly websites, web applications and online marketing materials. The candidate will be responsible for development of visual concepts and designs that reflect the Sevenly brand. 

Typical tasks include, but are not limited to: 

• Conception and creation of user interfaces

• Front end website construction and optimization

• Web application interface design

• Improving the user experience

• Support for Senior Web Developer


• Strong eye for first class user interfaces

• Proficient with JavaScript, CSS, HTML

• Proficient with jQuery

• Proficient with AJAX

• Proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver

• Ability to work with Mac OSX and higher operating systems

• Solid oral communication skills / ability to communicate with team and superiors.

• Ability to collaborate with a team or work autonomously 

• Thorough and highly detail oriented

Bonus Skills

• Working capacity in PHP

• Working capacity in server optimization 

• Effective knowledge in SEO


• Ebullient personality that will accurately convey the inherent energy and enthusiasm of the company’s leadership

• Someone that loves the band Journey 

• Determination to meet goals and exceed expectations 

• Strong interpersonal skills 

• Thick skin / ability to improve with constructive criticism and relish positive feedback 

• Sense of humor


• 3-5K Per Month Salary – Based on skill level and experience 

• Paid Cause Trips Annually (Domestic & International)

• Entertaining and Energetic Environment