"Family IS More Than Blood for The Kusunoki's" - Show Hope + Sevenly Campaign

Posted by Sevenly on May 11, 2014 6:23:37 PM

Imagine growing up in war-torn South Sudan, where all you knew was fear. Imagine feeling lonely, afraid, and desperate for twelve years of your life – and then being adopted in a family who chose you, loved you, cheered for you, and accepted you. This was reality for Rebecca Kusunoki, 26. She and her five sweet sisters spent the morning with me yesterday, and I’ve never seen a more beautiful picture of our slogan for this week: “Family Is More Than Blood.”

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A New Year to Touch More Lives

Posted by Sevenly on Jan 6, 2014 1:00:10 AM

With every turn of a new year, it's hard to not make your own personal "to do" list for self-betterment. The resolutions, the new gym memberships, the programs for self-improvement - we all do them in hopes of making the New Year, "our year."

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