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As a designer for Sevenly, I am challenged each week to create art that successfully reinforces a message that impacts lives. This week’s design features a bird and the phrase, “Love Starts Now”. While we considered the work of End7 we realized that END7 is liberating people from these horrible diseases. We took some time to think about possible visual representations of freedom.

For the women’s shirt I illustrated a delicate and beautiful figure of a sparrow. It represents freedom because of it’s envied liberty to come and go. In art it represents hope, love and loyalty. I really wanted this design to be elegant and I think it turned out really great.

The men’s shirt is a bold take on this concept. It shows a powerful eagle taking flight from its perch. The eagle is ideal because it represents freedom, strength and justice. The illustration style is taken from many classic book and tattoo illustrations. I spent a lot of time sketching illustration and re-illustrating this piece to get it just right. You’d be surprised at how much work it is to create something that looks so rough. Either way, I love the way it turned out in the end.

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This is what our designer Drew does.. All.....Day......Long..... Cinemagraph!

Posted by Sevenly on Mar 30, 2012 2:18:23 PM
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